Unveiling the Best Gaming Computers of 2023

Searching for a gaming computer can be overwhelming in a sea of choices. At Hermes Advancements, we're here to guide you, whether you choose us or not. Gaming PCs consist of numerous components, and understanding what to prioritize is key.

1. Graphics Card: Visual Prowess

The graphics card reigns supreme, driving jaw-dropping visuals and lighting effects. While the RTX 40 series and AMD's 7000 series generate buzz, the right fit is crucial. AMD's value-focused options, like the RX 6600 or RX 6700 XT, provide budget-friendly performance. Mid-tier seekers can consider the RTX 4070, offering ray tracing and DLSS 3. High-end gamers might explore AMD's RX 7900 XTX and Nvidia's mighty RTX 4090.

2. CPU: Performance Core

The CPU acts as the brain of your system. Striking CPU-GPU harmony prevents bottlenecks. The competition between Intel and AMD results in excellent CPU options. Intel's 12th gen, like the versatile 12400F, caters to budget-conscious buyers with DDR4 or DDR5 compatibility. For mid-tier performance, AMD's Ryzen 7600 or 7700 CPUs, each equipped with at least 6 cores, offer a solid experience. High-end enthusiasts might find AMD's X3D series, such as the Ryzen 7 7800X3D, intriguing.

3. Storage: Speed & Capacity

Opt for swift SSDs, discarding HDDs due to their sluggishness. A minimum of 500GB, preferably 1TB, is recommended, given the ballooning game sizes.

4. RAM: Memory Matters

Most modern games thrive on 16GB RAM. While 32GB readies you for the future, it's optional unless you plan extensive multitasking or streaming.

Remember, these considerations remain vital regardless of where you shop. Keep an eye out for outdated graphics cards with inflated prices. Our range includes the budget-friendly 'Mortal,' the mid-tier 'Deity,' and the pinnacle 'Mount Olympus' gaming computers. Dive into our offerings, and whether you choose us or explore further, let these insights be your gaming compass.

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