The Impact of AMD's 7800 XT Launch on the Market

The Impact of AMD's 7800 XT Launch on the Market - Hermes Advancement

It’s been just over a week since the much-anticipated launch of AMD's 7800 XT, and its effects are already being felt across the market. The 7800 XT's release has been nothing short of spectacular, with graphics enthusiasts scrambling to get their hands on one. In fact, it's become so sought after that even Nvidia's counterpart, the RTX 4070, is feeling its impact, and its prices have started to tumble this week.

The RTX 4070 was launched with a price tag of $599, a full $100 more than the 7800 XT. However, it doesn't quite match up to AMD's rasterized performance levels. Recently, we've witnessed select models of the 4070 drop to as low as $549. As the market continues to shake in the wake of AMD's latest release, it's becoming increasingly evident that AMD graphics cards are great value picks for any computer build.

For those considering the RTX 4070, it might be wise to wait until Black Friday to see just how much further its price can dip in this evolving market.

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