Nvidia RTX 4070 Super Thoughts and Recommendation

Nvidia RTX 4070 Super Thoughts and Recommendation - Hermes Advancement

Nvidia's RTX 4070 Super

With the release of the 4070 Super on its way, let's evaluate whether this graphics card is a great investment. Nvidia set the MSRP for the 4070 Super at $599, the original MSRP of the base 4070, which has been retailing at $549 for the past few months and has now been changed to its official MSRP. However, it's common for MSRP to have little to no impact on the actual market prices. Assuming the 4070 Super hits its MSRP, it offers significant enhancements, including an additional 10 MB of L2 cache, 10 more RT cores at 56, and almost 2000 more shading units at 7168.

Gaming Performance

What does this actually mean for gaming performance? In terms of gaming performance, the 4070 Super boasts an average FPS uplift of around 15% when looking at 1080p compared to the base 4070. At 1440p the average is around 14%, making the $50 price difference noteworthy.


However, our recommendation is to exercise patience and observe how the pricing changes in the graphics market, as this release is sure to mount some pressure. The release of the 4070 Super is likely to exert pressure on not just Nvidia cards, but the overall market, influencing competitors like AMD's RX 7800XT. This shock to the market may lead to considerable discounts and increased value for consumers seeking GPUs in this range.

Stay tuned for market developments before making your decision.

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