Gaming Layoffs Continue; EA Cancels Star Wars

Gaming Layoffs Continue; EA Cancels Star Wars - Hermes Advancement

The gaming industry has been hit hard with a wave of layoffs in recent months, leaving many talented individuals without jobs. Sony and EA, two major players in the industry, have been the most recent of these layoffs, causing heartache throughout the gaming community.

Why are these layoffs happening?

It's hard to understand why these layoffs are happening when these companies are making record-breaking revenues year after year. The people behind the games we love pour their hearts and souls into their work, only to be let go when it's time to tighten the budget.

How does this impact the gaming community?

These layoffs not only affect the individuals losing their jobs, but also impact the games themselves. When talented developers, designers, and artists are let go, it can lead to delays in game releases, cancellations of highly anticipated projects, and a decrease in overall quality. One cancellation at the forefront is EA's Star Wars project, rumored to be developed by Respawn.

What can we do to support those affected?

As gamers, we can show our support for those affected by these layoffs by speaking out against these unfair practices. We can also support indie developers and smaller studios who may not have the same resources as the big companies, but still create amazing games.

It's time for the gaming industry to prioritize the well-being of its employees and recognize the value they bring to the table. Let's stand together and demand better treatment for those who make our gaming experiences possible.

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