Comparison Guide: Steam Gaming vs Epic Games Store

Comparison Guide: Steam Gaming vs Epic Games Store - Hermes Advancement

When it comes to PC gaming, there are a plethora of platforms to choose from. Two of the most popular ones are Steam and the Epic Games Store. Both offer a wide range of games and features, but they also have their own unique qualities. In this guide, we will explore the differences between Steam gaming and the Epic Games Store, highlighting the features they share and the ones that set them apart.

What Features Do Steam Gaming and the Epic Games Store Share?

First and foremost, both Steam gaming and the Epic Games Store provide a vast library of games for PC gamers to enjoy. Whether you're into action, adventure, strategy, or indie games, you'll find a wide variety of options on both platforms. Additionally, both platforms offer regular sales and discounts, allowing gamers to snag their favorite titles at a more affordable price.

What Sets Steam Gaming Apart?

Steam gaming has been around for quite some time and has established itself as the go-to platform for PC gamers. One of the standout features of Steam is its robust community. With features like user reviews, forums, and community hubs, Steam allows gamers to connect, share their experiences, and discover new games. Steam also offers a comprehensive set of social features, including chat, groups, and in-game overlays, making it easy for players to connect with their friends and join multiplayer sessions.

Another notable feature of Steam is its extensive customization options. Steam Workshop allows players to create and share mods, adding new content and enhancing the gaming experience. Additionally, Steam's Big Picture mode enables gamers to play on their TVs, bringing the PC gaming experience to the living room.

What Makes the Epic Games Store Stand Out?

The Epic Games Store may be relatively new compared to Steam, but it has quickly gained popularity among PC gamers. One of the standout features of the Epic Games Store is its exclusive game offerings. Epic Games has secured exclusive deals with various developers, bringing highly anticipated titles exclusively to their platform. This has made the Epic Games Store a must-have for gamers who want to play these exclusive games.

Another feature that sets the Epic Games Store apart is its revenue share model. While Steam takes a 30% cut of game sales, the Epic Games Store only takes a 12% cut. This has attracted many developers to release their games on the Epic Games Store, as they can potentially earn more revenue from their sales.


In conclusion, both Steam gaming and the Epic Games Store offer a wide range of games and features for PC gamers. Steam excels in its community and social features, as well as its customization options. On the other hand, the Epic Games Store stands out with its exclusive game offerings and developer-friendly revenue share model. Ultimately, the choice between the two platforms comes down to personal preference and the specific games you're interested in playing. Regardless of which platform you choose, PC gaming offers an immersive and exciting experience that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

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