Anticipating the AI Wave

Anticipating the AI Wave - Hermes Advancement

For those who attempted to construct a computer amid the pandemic or the crypto mining frenzy, the memories of overpriced components and parts scarcities are vivid. Although we believed those times were behind us, the rise of AI technology casts a shadow of uncertainty over the future. Could AI potentially trigger another scarcity? The answer is a tentative maybe, and here's why.

At present, most manufacturers are diligently striving to match their supply with the ever-shifting demand. This concerted effort has led to a gradual easing of prices for various components, particularly graphics cards. But, the looming specter of AI has the potential to throw a wrench into this equilibrium. As AI becomes increasingly accessible to small businesses and individuals, the landscape could change.

With the AI wave gaining momentum, a surge in demand is practically inevitable. This surge brings forth a crucial question: what happens when the pursuit of specific graphics cards intensifies? As more individuals flock to harness the power of AI, there's a chance they could opt for readily available video cards to achieve their desired computational power. This scenario could trigger a disturbance in the delicate balance of supply and demand, reminiscent of the price spikes witnessed during the peak of the crypto boom.

While these notions exist primarily in the realm of speculation, it's difficult to discount their potential, given the historical impact of such frenzies. Could AI be the cause for the next price surge in component markets? Only time holds the answer. While the future remains uncertain, a wise strategy might involve seizing the moment and constructing computers now, before external factors once again send prices into a frenzy.

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