AMD’s FSR 3 vs. DLSS 3: Upscaling technology

AMD’s FSR 3 vs. DLSS 3: Upscaling technology - Hermes Advancement

AMD has recently released its latest upscaling technology, FSR 3, entering the competition against Nvidia's DLSS 3. While FSR 3 isn't available for every game just yet, it has made its debut in titles like Immortals of Aviam and Forspoken. The selection might seem peculiar, but what truly matters is how FSR 3 holds up against the established DLSS 3.

For quite some time, DLSS has been celebrated as the pinnacle of upscaling tech for gaming, while FSR lagged slightly behind in terms of graphics quality. However, the landscape is evolving, and FSR 3 has brought significant improvements to the table, particularly in the realms of latency and graphics quality.

Reviewers and gamers alike have conducted side-by-side comparisons of these two upscaling technologies, and the differences are becoming increasingly challenging to discern. FSR 3's visuals have caught up, and concerns over latency have proven less severe than anticipated.

Additionally, AMD has introduced its latency reduction technology, Anti-lag+. Unfortunately, Anti-lag+ is currently exclusive to their 7000 series graphics cards, limiting its accessibility. However, FSR 3 itself is more inclusive, as it can be utilized with older AMD cards and even Nvidia GPUs that lack DLSS 3 compatibility.

This development marks a significant stride forward for AMD, leveling the playing field in upscaling technology. As AMD expands support for more games, the battle between FSR 3 and DLSS 3 is poised to heat up further.

Stay tuned as we track AMD's progress and continue to report on the latest advancements in the world of gaming technology.

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