AMD 7700 XT: Is the Price Difference Justified?

AMD 7700 XT: Is the Price Difference Justified? - Hermes Advancement

Let’s delve into the 7700 XT, the younger sibling of the 7800 XT. The performance leap from the 6700 XT to the 7700 XT is undeniably significant. However, the critical factor that many reviewers are honing in on is its price point.

Priced at $449.99, the 7700 XT is in close proximity to the 7800 XT, which comes in at $499.99. The disparity in performance between the two cards makes this price gap quite noticeable. It almost feels like AMD is nudging customers towards the 7800 XT, leveraging the $50 difference. At these price levels, many users won't mind investing a bit more for a significantly better card.

So, it seems like a strategic move to let the 7700 XT undergo scrutiny while boosting sales of the 7800 XT. Then, perhaps, we can expect AMD to lower the price of the 7700 XT, making it a more enticing choice.

Our recommendation for those considering the 7700 XT is to exercise a little patience. Wait for AMD to adjust the price, which, judging by their past moves, shouldn't take too long.

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